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April Full Moon Eclipse

On the evening of Thursday April 25, 2013 we will experience a Lunar Eclipse just before the Full Moon blooms in the sign of Scorpio while the Sun is solidly in the sign of Taurus. A Full Moon is a time for reflecting on where we are and initiating changes that we want to make in our life, our expectations, personal goals and focus. The energy of a Lunar Eclipse creates a dynamic atmosphere for changes to our base emotions, deeply held beliefs and intrinsic paradigms.

Scorpio is a sign of perception, understanding, resourcefulness, determination and focus. The earthy Taurus energy is grounded, sensual, practical and hard working. Harnessing the transformational lunar energies that encourage deep & long lasting healing with the passionate & determined star sign influences we have an incredibly powerful opportunity to effect our self esteem & shift perception of our intrinsic value.

Now is the time to joyfully embrace the divine beings that we are & find our path towards achieve those dreams we have thought out of our reach. This is the time to break free of that voice that says┬áthat says you can’t, push through the fear that holds you back & see your worth in this world. What fantasticle vision of your future can you make into reality? The sky is the limit!




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