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December Full Moon in Gemini

On Tuesday December 17, 2013 the Full Moon in gregarious Gemini will rise counter to the Sun in sedulous Sagittarius while unusual Uranus (planet of change) comes direct. As always the Full Moon brings a heightening of our emotions and since it is the last Moon of 2013 we are all likely to be feeling a little nostalgic & a touch sensitive. Be kind this week, more so then usual there is a need for mindfulness as we interact with others & observe ourselves.

the archer

the archer

Sagittarius is direct, outgoing & relishes in understanding the bigger picture. We are inclined to be more community minded & altruistic under this influence, more focused on what is good for the group. This is a great foundation for celebrating family, friends & having a relaxed holiday. There is an optimistic streak to this sign that can help us keep our thoughts, actions & mood in a more positive frame. Stay focussed on how much you already have & how grateful you are as the last days of 2013 pass us by.

twin snowflakes

twin snowflakes

The sign of Gemini is increasing the sociable & open vibe with it’s flirty friendliness. This is the influence that makes us want to party, chat & dance. But this energy can also make us somewhat flighty or fickle so it is important that we manage our expectations. Gratitude is the Attitude!┬áThe dualistic nature of this sign can also help us see all the options that are available & give us a better understanding of all we have at our disposal. Creativity is a strong Gemini theme & a critical tool to feeling empowered in our lives as we set our goals for the next year.

uranusAdding to the cosmic mix at this time is Uranus coming direct & out of retrograde. This progressive planet represents change, surprise, quick evolution & sudden understanding. As it comes out of its reverse movement of the past few months we may find transformation, opportunities & un-forseen events transpiring in our lives. This Full Moon will also be a time ripe with illumination & inspiration as Uranus is known as the Great Awakener. Be prepared for the unexpected, magic is in the air & anything is possible!

The message of this Full Moon seems pretty clear: as you congregate & celebrate with those you hold dear, be ready to accept all sorts of wonderfulness manifesting it your life. Miracles are real! 2013 may well end with a great & wonderful surprise for many of us as we are gifted with laughter, creativity & a little magic to empower our intentions for the new year.


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