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A Treat for Me

Today I had acupuncture with the lovely and talented Janet Leidy. Acupuncture can be such a great tool for balancing and healing your body. I have been seeing Janet for almost a year and swear by her generous spirit and knowledgeable techniques. For me, acupuncture is a great way to help me keep my body in balance and my energy responsive and strong.

After the needles are placed I lay on the table and let the energies wash over me. Often I will go into a meditation and be visited by different spirits. The techniques that Janet employs are catered for each specific person that she works with. For me, it’s important to keep my Yang energy high and assist my body in transforming the energies that I work with everyday. Regular acupuncture, massage, and exercise are a few of the techniques I use to keep my body conditioned for the work I do.

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