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Full Moon

Today is the full moon, the hardship moon. The moon speaks to me today, whispering quietly at the back of my mind. What am I holding onto that no longer serves me? Is there something bothering me that I need to release? The energies in play today are ones that encourage abandonment of negative thinking, purging of thoughts that normally weigh us down and a release of patterns that are holding us back.

The Hardship Moon shines in the dead of winter and asks that we look deep inside and rid ourselves of all that is preventing us from moving forward. This is the time of year for reflection and introspection. In the coming spring we will prepare to renew and regenerate and manifest but first we must make room by releasing our troubles and allowing them to be carried away by the light of the moon.

Today is a great day for reviewing your journal to help you figure out the patterns that are holding you back. Introspection and self reflection are called for today. Once you can identify what is hindering you it’s easier to find a way to change the way you are approaching your problems.

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