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Hello world!

So here I am, in all my glory. Blogging on the internet. This is going to be interesting.

I thought I would start out with an affirmation that I say every night before I go to bed. One of the most important steps in working with spirit is to SET YOUR BOUNDARIES. If you are not firm about what you will and will not allow, they will walk all over you. Don’t forget, they are not in physical form and they tend to not remember about things like the necessity of eating and sleeping and such. So here is how I outline my night’s sleep:

Tonight, while I sleep:

I will not work, except for on myself and for my own direct benefit

I will not visit other’s dreaming

I will not travel unprotected on the astral plane

I will have a deep and peaceful nights rest

Where my Mind, Body and Spirit will be rejuvenated and regenerated

I welcome healing on all levels from my Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters and the Healers I have chosen here on this plane

This affirmation grew out of experience and desperation.  Occasionally things will distract me from a good nights sleep (such as unprotected astral planing, ew!) and so now I find it necessary to be very clear about what I am and am not willing to do in my slumber.

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