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The Spirit of Ganesh

Lord Ganesha, a Hindu god identifiable by his elephantine head, has been visiting me regularly lately. He is a fiercely sensual being, remover of obstacles and reveler of pleasures. Ganesh encourages us to live life to the fullest and asks you to allow him to remove your obstacles, to clear the way for you to find success and happiness. He is also the tantalizer, the seducer, lover of all women looking to expand and grow their sensual, goddess nature. Dance with Ganesh and release all inhibitions.


Luxuriate in the pleasures of being alive, eat caviar from a golden spoon, take a bubble bath with Johnny Weir, wrap yourself in soft silks and the scents of expensive perfumes. Know that you are worthy of all that you desire. Take risks, allow Ganesh to banish doubt and remove any obstacle. You can achieve anything. Invite Ganesha into your life with his mantra and watch how much he can help you to accomplish.

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