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Chakra 101

The easiest way to describe the chakra system is that they are where the spiritual body, energetic body and physical body meet and exchange information or energy. They are literally the conduit for information to flow within the mind, body, spirit connection.

The chakras are depicted as spinning wheels of light arranged along the spine with each corresponding to different areas of the body, emotions, periods of development and mental states. There are also specific scents, colors, tones and elements associated with each. A healthy, well balanced person will have chakras that spin at the appropriate speed (slower in the lower chakras and faster in the higher chakras) and direction and be generally the size of your palm.

Your chakras are connected to your health and wellbeing both physically and spiritually so they will reflect any imbalance in one into the other. If there is dis-ease in one area it will be reflected in the chakra as the energy is transmitted through it. If there is imbalance this can lead to the chakra closing up, spinning to fast or slow, opening too wide or developing a ‘wobble’.

The chakra system is the channel that allows energy (both healthy and dysfunctional) to transmit from your physical body to your energetic body and vice verse. This is how your emotional distress over your responsibilities at work can translate into shoulder and back pain. Or how positive thinking and prayer can have a healing effect on illness in the body.

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