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Could somebody get the phone?

There is a constant ringing in my ears these days. I also feel like there are huge funnels coming off the sides of my head like energetic radar dishes.

I’ve been craving salt like crazy and am being told that the ionization/salination is to allow for me to become a stronger receiver/receptor. Something to do with the crystalline structure of the salt and how it integrates into my body allowing me to receive information inter-dimensionally. (It’s not enough I can hear from the spirit realm, now our neighbors in the next dimension want to be able to chat?)

The ringing seems to be a result of a fine tuning process. It’s gradually getting louder and louder. Sometimes there is a fluctuation in the tone, like someone is adjusting the dials through some spectrum. Occasionally I feel like I can almost make out voices in the ringing. I feel like I am nearly able to evesdrop on some conversation being had somewhere and if the process just gets a little further along Ill be able to make out what’s being said.

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