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Do you feel that?

Today is a really hard day for me. The energies are tight and wobbly and up in my face. It’s hard to describe but the overall feeling is one of discomfort and unease. Little jittery like my drink was dosed, my skin feels tight with expectation. Something is building and the energy is having a strong impact on me physically. I have a headache, feel out of sorts and off balance. If I focus on the energy closely I can zero in on a strong, deep vibration and hear a rumbling. This of course makes me feel like there may be an earthquake coming or some other electro-magnetic event. There is also a sense of dimensional shifting, the ringing in my ears is even more acute then it has been the last few weeks. My guides just keep telling me to take it easy and I’ll be fine. It’s all a part of the transition. Not sure if they mean my personal transformation or the earth-shift. Whatever it is, I’m hoping it doesn’t last much longer, I’m really uncomfortable.

**NOTE: The next day 02/11/11 I felt fine and was told by my guides that the discomfort I felt was due to the transformational energies building towards 12/21/12

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