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First Chakra

The first chakra is all about being grounded and feeling secure. It’s location is at the base of the spine and the color is RED, the element is EARTH,  the sense of SMELL is associated as well as the tone of E (as in bed) and the statement “I will have”. This is where we connect with Mother Earth, where we are grounded into reality, where our foundation is built, where we connect to the physical and where we manifest.

If your first chakra (also called the root chakra, base chakra or Muladhara) is balanced and healthy you will have a strong sense of security and a lot of physical energy. You will be able to manifest easily and be very centered and healthy. If this chakra is out of alignment you may feel unloved, weak, unmotivated and lack confidence. In the event that you have excessive energy in your first chakra you will be domineering, greedy, egotistical or have a lot of nervous energy.

If you are looking to balance and strengthen your first chakra try carrying red garnet or smokey quartz crystals. Wear more red, do some visualization of yourself enveloped in red, spend time outside in nature and use essential oils like rosemary or cedar to ground and stabilize you. There are meditations that focus on strengthening and balancing your entire chakra system, my favorite of which is by Akshara Weave. Reiki, Acupuncture, Qi Gong and other forms of energy balancing are also terrific if you feel a strong need to bring balance into your first, or any other of your chakras.

2 Responses to “First Chakra”

  1. 1 Ewa-Maria says:

    Dear Serafice,
    Thank you for your web presence.It is a wonderful source of wisdom and special information to all of us who are looking for a better way of living –
    the Spiritual way of Living.
    Your post about the Root Chakra is so true.It is very important to balance any chakra but the root is very important.
    I lost my health because of serious illness.Before I really started to apply the type of remedies you talking about to balance the chakra I was not feeling any better.
    The allopathic doctors was making my recovery worst so I stop using thier advise and start my search for the reall cause of my sickness and educate myself about self-healing .From that moment everything start to change to the better very slowley at first but I’m much stronger now.
    I see forward to read more of your posts.
    In Love,Light and Life

  2. 2 Ewelina says:

    Wonderful post! What a great idea to introduce the chakras in this format.

    I have to agree that even though balancing all the chakras is important the root chakra is in fact our foundation. We can’t do much beyond it if it’s not in balance… even modern science takes that into consideration like in the field of Psychology where Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, has what looks like a chakra system, with the ‘root’ as its first building block.

    Looking forward to reading the others! Loving your blog!