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I am not a mind reader

I cannot pluck thoughts out of your head or see what you are thinking about. I am sensitive to energy and highly intuitive but not a mentalist. I am not able to know exactly what you are thinking but I am able to receive information pertaining to you from being in your proximity.

Each of us is an energetic being and we ‘display’ all kinds of information in the field (aura) that emanates from our physical body. The information that is displayed is relevant to our mood, health, mental state and the thoughts that are prevalent in our heads.

I am able to pick up these emanations and thereby ‘read’ what’s going on with you. But, its a little difficult to control what I get information about. It might be what you had for breakfast or the state of your marriage or a snip-it of a song that has been running through your head. I can ‘request’ certain information but I don’t always get an answer.

It’s kind of like engaging in conversation with a stranger at a party. They will divulge certain information about themselves through the course of a 30 minute dialog. But not every conversation will include all possible topics. You might get details of their marital status and work but nothing about the way they feel about the current administration. Or maybe they will talk the whole time about their new baby and never mention the fact that they were just diagnosed with cancer. Or vice versa.

Im able to glean details of your life through simply being in your presence, without the 30 minutes of small talk. It won’t be everything, it’s certainly nothing near your entire history. Just some basic information about some of the things going on in your life. So please don’t ask me to guess what number your thinking of or worry that I know all your secrets. It doesn’t work that way.

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