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I Love Tarot!

The thing I really enjoy about reading the Tarot Cards are how they validate and expand upon my own psychic perceptions. None of the services I provide are really stand alone, you are always receiving an integration of my psychic and energy related talents. With the Tarot specifically, I feel like the complement of the ages old art of Tarot and my own psychic impressions lead to a really great reading.

When I do Tarot, I start with touching the person and creating a space to allow for images, feelings and sometimes words to come through psychicly. Then when I deal the cards, more often then not they expand on the impressions I have just received, fleshing them out and adding more depth to the information. I used to spend a lot of time concerning myself with the ‘definitions’ of each card but now I am able to just let them speak to me and tell a story.

I love it when the person has a questions but Spirit, and the cards, want to talk about something else. It’s difficult, as a service provider, to tell my client “Hey, I know you want to know about this particular thing but I’m going to tell you about this other one instead. Hope you don’t mind!” but I am also really tickled about it. Or when I find myself endlessly shuffling the deck as the information flows freely through me to the clients. “I know you wanted to see the Tarot but your getting more of a Channeled session instead, hope you don’t mind!” I’m rarely in control but always having a ball.


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