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Joy is where you find it

Sometime people get really hung up on the big moments of life and forget how important the little ones can be. They focus on the wedding, the promotion or the next momentous birthday; waiting for the next big event to be happy about. These occasions are special and should be celebrated wholeheartedly but they are often short-lived. Finding joy in the little moments as well is crucial to maintaining joy throughout your life. Happiness is always just a moment away.

The first buds of a new spring, the start of football season, a nice massage or even your pretty new pedicure. All of these little moments are where true sustained happiness lies. String each little pieces together and you have a life FILLED with joy. The wedding is only one day, that promotion comes with more responsibility, the delight of a new baby is quickly overshadowed by the reality of diapers. The big moments don’t last long, it’s the little moments that sustain a life of true happiness. BE HAPPY!

One Response to “Joy is where you find it”

  1. 1 Jill Gleeson says:

    Great post, Sera! I’ve noticed I’m happiest when I do this – notice and appreciate the everyday joy in life. you’ve given me inspiration to try to do it more!