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Lavender! Lavander! Lavandar!

My favorite essential oil and the MOST essential as far as I am concerned is Lavender. This scent is known for it’s ability to bring calm and tranquility to the senses, release stress, reduce pain, combat infection and act as a protective barrier against psychic attack. Lavender is said to stimulate the conscious mind and stabilize both the emotional and etheric planes.

Lavender clears the environmental energies and neutralizes negative frequencies. I use it when I conduct a home healing, in my meditations, before I work on a client and when looking to purify my environment. Lavender is often linked with: Love, Peace, Happiness, Purity, Clairvoyance, Longevity, Sleep, Healing and Balancing.

I use it all the time for everything all over my home, body and work. Ill just rub a few drops on my palms then through my aura and AHHHHH. I have tried a variety of sources and have found my absolute favorite is Peace Valley Lavender Farm. This particular brand resonates strongly for me and the Lavender Infused Dark Chocolate is to die for!

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