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My first reiki experience

I had suffered from night-terrors and general anxiety on and off throughout my life but after my divorce it became nearly intolerable. A friend of mine convinced me I needed to treat myself to a facial to relax. Do something nice for myself. Little did I know that the Esthetician, Heather Marra, was also a reiki practitioner as well as extremely intuitive and that was the real reason my friend wanted me to go to her.

At this point of my life I was struggling with understanding who I was, still trying to deny my gifts and hide myself any way that I could. I now understand that the night-terrors and anxiety that I had suffered from intermittently through my entire life were a result of trying to isolate myself from my gifts. I was immensely unhappy and depressed but I felt unsure of how to change. It didn’t help I was in my early 30’s, recently divorced and nearly twice the size I was when I had gotten married.

So off to get a facial I went and enjoyed it so much I started to go to see Heather on a regular basis. After about 3 sessions she shares with me that she is learning an energy technique called reiki and would like to try it on me. I enjoy her presence and treatments so much I figure why not. She sits at my head for a moment (I now know she was turning her reiki on) then lays her hands gently on my head and proceeds to give me a mini 30 minute treatment. I had no idea what I was in for.

During the session I recall feeling an intense wave of energy flowing out of her hands and moving through my body. An incredible sense of peace and tranquility filled me. I saw glorious colors of purple, golden, white and green in my minds eye; like the aurora borealus.  A clarity came to me and I instantly understood the uncomfortable feelings I had at night were a result of spirits visiting me.

I floated home as if on a cloud, feeling like I was cocooned; overcome with a sense of comfort. I felt completely removed from the stress of my life, of the everyday world. Everything was going to be okay. I was in complete bliss and calm. I didn’t need to fear anything. I didn’t need to worry. No more doubting. Everything would be fine.

That night I was awakened again from sleep. This time it was very different though. I awoke gasping from an incredible pressure in my chest. I raised myself onto my hands and knees and watched in awe as a ball of energy started to fall out of my chest. It was roughly the size and shape of a football and glowed vibrantly in a golden aura. Inside I could see that it was a pearling a glob of inky darkness.

I understood the golden energy was reiki energy and it was pulling the fear and anxiety and all the darkness out of my body. I could literally feel the hole in my chest where it dropped out of me. But it wasn’t an empty, cold feeling. It felt like an incredible relief. My entire body, my entire being was still encased in golden light and filled with calm peace. The darkness was gone, pulled out of my body and absorbed into the earth where it couldn’t hurt me anymore.

The wonderful aftereffects of a treatment are not forever, but even when I was again troubled by night ‘visitations’ or having a bad day, I knew there was a method and a way to remove those negative feelings from me. I also intuitively understood that the more reiki I received, the longer the effects would last until eventually all that darkness would be completely dispelled. And so I started to receive regular reiki treatments from Heather and initiated my spiritual awakening.

Eventually I decided to learn to be a reiki practitioner and was blessed to have Heather become my mentor and teacher. At the time, all I wanted was to be able to give myself treatments which seemed to help immeasurable in making the whispers that used to wake me into fear resolve into actual voices that brought messages of hope and inspiration. I had no idea at the time how immense the transformation would be but I always knew without a doubt that reiki would change my life forever. Today I am humbled that I am able to give reiki to others and hopefully create positive changes in their lives as my life was transformed.

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