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Spirits and Energy

I’m often asked about the different types of spirits and energies I encounter when clearing a house.

Earthbound Spirits

A spirit that lingers on earth because it feels connected, responsible or is just curious. Shortly after death these spirits become trapped on the earthly plane and are unable to transition without assistance. For this reason they are typically prone to depression, anxiety and other negative emotions that then effect the living within their sphere of influence. This is what most would think of as a ghost or spirit.

Emotional Imprints

Highly emotional or traumatic events will leave an echo or imprint on the environment where it took place. Some examples would be a fall down the stairs, a violent argument, a death or dramatic injury. Buildings where there has been criminal activities, violence or deaths are often shrouded in negative energy that effects future inhabitants.

Energetic Imbalance

An area that feels “off”, out of balance, heavy, or where you often feel dizzy or “out of sorts”. These can be caused artificially or naturally and are more prevalent than you think. Areas prone to this sort of imbalance often have strong natural magnetic distortion or high volumes of electrical activity.

Non-Earthbound Spirits

These would include earth spirits, alien entities, demons, deities, angels and any other energetic being that is not human in origin. Often times these types of spirits are assigned as protectors of certain sacred or auspicious areas, people and or buildings. They are also sometimes simply curious about us and stop by to have a look around or are invited by occult practices.

One Response to “Spirits and Energy”

  1. 1 Ewelina says:

    We definitely have an Energetic Imbalance in our home, that upstairs bathroom still feels a bit funky, and our cat Spoot refuses to really spend time anywhere near it. Our other cat is however oblivious, she’s rather fearless… do you have any experiences with cats and spirits?