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What you Hear is not always What you Get

Sometimes it’s not that easy understanding what is being said to you from the other side. When my protector spirit guide made himself known to me he indicated his name was 7 and I could call on him whenever I needed him. I was very excited about having a new protector and happily told all my friends and family about the addition to my spirit entourage.

It was about 3 weeks later and I was describing him to a dear friend (who is an incredibly powerful healer and intuitive) who I hadn’t seen since 7’s arrival. I went on and on about how powerful 7 was, how 7 appears to be an 8 foot tall Viking and how 7 glares intensely but doesn’t have a lot to say. She patiently listened to me babbling on about my dear 7 and hypothesizing the meaning of his name.

“I don’t think your hearing his name right.” She finally told me with a grin. ” He is telling ME that his name is Sven. Which makes more sense given his appearance, don’t you think?”

Sven would like to make it clear he is better looking but the image is close

One Response to “What you Hear is not always What you Get”

  1. 1 Noelle says:

    Love this blog! Sven is awesome looking.