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Yes, it drains me

One of the most interesting aspects of my gift is how strongly my spiritual ability is connected to my physical body. I have to keep up with my exercise (regular yoga, pilates & walks in the park), my diet (as organic as I can & I need to stay away from complicated recipes) and my sleep (at least 8 hours) or my ‘reception’ suffers. Conversely, if I work too much I can become physically exhausted even thought what I do is not physically taxing.

When I first started to work with the Reiki energy, if I practiced on more then one person in a day I was totally wiped out the next day. I would suffer from flu-like symptoms; aches and pains, soar throat and a general sense of ‘getting sick’ for a day afterwards. This also happened when I would work my psychic gifts to channel information or clear a property. I had to spread out my clients every other day so that I could have a day of rest in between.

Today, I have conditioned myself to be able to give reiki treatments to half a dozen people in one day and not feel like I have ‘over done’ it. Part of it is keeping up with my physical health, part of it is keeping up with my spiritual health (at least 30 minutes of meditation daily) part of it is keeping up with my energetic health (daily self reiki, monthly reiki from another master/teacher and regular acupuncture) but a lot of it is simply practice, practice, practice.

If you are looking to expand your psychic abilities and/or reiki practice, the best advice I can give is to start with taking care of yourself. Your diet and exercise are critical parts to ‘cleaning’ the instrument so the information can flow more freely. Regular meditation and self work is a necessary part of getting rid of your own personal input so that you can more clearly focus on the information/energy being channeled and not dilute it with your own issues/challenges/perceptions.

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One Response to “Yes, it drains me”

  1. 1 Ewelina says:

    This is such a raw and honest post. Very admirable to share the other side of what it’s like to have such a gift, and the cost of nurturing it.