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When I first started to connect with my spirit guides they were vague, shadow forms without distinct personalities. They will still often present themselves in this manner, as a clump of outlined figures hovering nearby. But sometimes one will ‘step forward’ and allow me to see their individual shape, form and personality.

The first spirit guide to make themselves known to me as an individual was Agatha. She very much resembles the Lady of the Wood. Tall, lithe, hair so blond to appear almost white, a sweet and gentle demeanor. She introduces herself as an Alchemist, wearing a long gown and cloak with a renaissance feel. Her voice is high and sweet, very lyrical and soft.

More often then not Agatha is the one that councils me on matters of love, health and nature. If I suggest a certain plant, herb or vitamin it has likely been shown to me by her. She is also the one that instructs me on the different earth spirits that I come across now and again. She is the one that introduced me to the fairy folk, the tree nymphs, dryads and other earth protectors.

Agatha is a joy and a gift to me. She helps me understand many things and gives me comfort when I feel alone. If I seem giddy or a little giggly from time to time, it is merely because she is near and I find her infectious. Thank you Agatha, for sharing with me your strength, knowledge and jua de vive.

The Concert for the Piano Lady by Zorica Krstic

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  1. 1 Noelle says:

    Thanks for writing about one of your guides, I really enjoyed it!