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Change is Coming

I was visited by spider’s last night in my dreams. At first I was frightened and scared, startled by their intrusion into my space. Spider bring changes, they bring a shifting in perspective and a creation of new realities and this is not always comfortable. But then the visions shifted and and I could feel a sense of anticipation and excitement. The spiders were not here to hurt me, merely to bring help building something new for me.

The spider is said to weave our reality, she builds the structure that attaches the spiritual world to the ‘real world’. She governs the in between place, where anything is possible and everything is born. Dreams and wishes are grown in the spirit world then made reality by moving along the spiders web into the physical world where they can become actuality. Spider is the builder, the warden of our dreams and the bringer of transformation. She helps create new beginning and realities in your life.

This time of year is all about changes. Shifting focus and opening up to new experiences and ideas. New beginings, a changing of perceptions, a letting go of those things that no longer serve so that we may enter into a new space without being burdened. My dream of spider’s helped me to remember that while change may be uncomfortable it is inevitable and something to be embraced, not feared.

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