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It’s the key to understanding and utilizing the Law of Attraction. We call into our lives reflections of our inner selves, our issues, our challenges and our state of mind. If we are not strong, we cannot call stability into our life. If we are not calm, we cannot bring peace into our selves. Without an understanding of ourselves we cannot expect to understand our circumstance and how to change them. Without the space to allow something new in, we are trapped in our misery.

If you are unhappy with your spouse, with your friends or with your life then the first step is to stop settling. Stop accepting Just Anything as a replacement of Something Awesome. It is better to have NOTHING then to settle. Give yourself the time and space that comes with nothing to change your perspective to attract Something Awesome.

Stop distracting yourself with things, the ‘anythings’ that keep you from being happy. Accept that letting go, embracing NOTHING is the first step toward getting Something Awesome!! You deserve Something Awesome, stop accepting sub-par replacements because you fear the NOTHING. There is nothing to be afraid of, only Something Awesome to be gained.

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