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Finding Balance with Reiki

Reiki energy is all about finding balance within the body, mind and spirit. Technically speaking, I don’t believe Reiki is a ‘healing’ energy. It’s purpose is not to correct injuries or eliminate pain. The purpose of Reiki is to bring balance. This can mean healing your body, creating a space to allow you to work through your issues or bringing you closer to your spiritual path. Sometimes this results in a reduction of pain or a spontaneous ‘healing’ but it is not the main goal of the energy.

This difference in perspective used to confuse me a lot when I first started to work with the Reiki energy. It has the potential to bring healing into a person so I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t go ahead and ‘fix’ everyone’s issues. It took me a long time to realize that we all heal in our own way and on our own terms. The Reiki energy is not there to magically bring you into perfect health but rather to facilitate finding your unique state of balance.

Reiki supports you in being able to bring health into your life through balance. In whatever capacity your individual circumstances require. Sometimes this means physical healing, sometimes this means creating a sense of not being alone as you face your challenges, and sometimes it works to subtly and simply give you the impetus to create your own healing. And what an incredible gift that is, to be your own healer.

This is why I love Reiki so much. It is different things to different people. Everyone’s journey is unique and Reiki honors this. I am consistently awed and surprised by the way that balance presents itself to different people in different ways. But they are always healed in some way or another, through the Reiki and the balance that it brings.

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