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My heart goes to Japan

I have been trying for over a week to write about what is happening in Japan and I have been having a really difficult time. I am overwhelmed with compassion for the people of that region and the horror that they are enduring. I have tried to figure out what I want to say and words keep escaping me.

Send love, beam your healing energy, pray, give money, keep your boundaries to maintain your own health, journal, meditate, band together as humans, remember those that have passed, support those that are lost, connect to the earth, honor the challenge of survival. It’s a lot. It’s a lot to watch, to listen to, to focus on, to endure.

I have finally come to some sense of what I wish to share about this tragedy and they are not my words. Carmen Renee Berry writes in Coming Home to Your Body the following passage:

“Our bodies bear witness to what has happened to us in the past and what is occurring in the present. Imagine how valuable we must be to God for our bodies to be designed as historical records; past injustices, wounds and abuses are important to God, so important that our bodies remember through every bodily system: physical scars, muscular tension, skeletal construction, neurological patterning, respiratory functioning, hormonal balances and conscious and unconscious memory

Especially in difficult times, the body bravely records our sadness, fear, anger, and turmoil… Hearing the message of the body can be painful, but it is critically important. Your story is an important one, valued by God.

Our bodies speak truth in such a profound and powerful way that I believe, learning to hear the message from our bodies parallels hearing God’s voice. Listen and you’ll hear that you are valuable beyond measure.”

It is our job now to bear witness to the human suffering and to the environmental challenges that lay ahead. We have all lost something and must now mourn in the way that feels best to each of us. Pay attention to your body and the stories that it tells you in the coming days and weeks. Make sure to monitor how much of the coverage you watch and take a break if you find it consuming too much of your time.

Take note of your mood, emotional and physical responses and they will guide you through your individual mourning. Remember that we are all connected and we must honor that connection and understand that all of us are effected by what has happened. All of us are effected by what has yet to happen. Strength and healing come with time, attention and conscious understanding.

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