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Second Chakra

The second chakra is all about creative and sexual energy. It’s location is a few inches below the belly button and the color is ORANGE, the element is WATER,  the sense of TASTE is associated as well as the tone of O (as in flow) and the statement “I desire.” This is where we connect with our sensuality, where we create and are inspired, it is home of our friendliness and our emotional center.

If your second chakra (also called the sacral chakra, sex chakra or Svadisthana) is balanced and healthy you will have a strong sense of belonging, be creative and imaginative, and have a jovial humor. If this chakra is out of alignment you may be extremely introverted or shy, resentful, burdened by guilt, or overly emotional. In the event that you have excessive energy in your second chakra you may be emotionally explosive, aggressive, overly ambitious, overindulgent and self-serving.

If you are looking to balance and strengthen your second chakra try carrying carnelian or tiger’s eye crystals. Wear fiery orange, connect with the water element associated with this chakra in a luxurious bath, indulge in your more creative side or take up dancing. Try aromatherapy with ylang ylang or cardamum or leisurely enjoy some of your favorite foods. Reiki, Acupuncture, Qi Gong and other forms of energy balancing are always terrific if you feel a strong need to bring balance into your second, or any other of your chakras.


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