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Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra is the center of your psychic abilities and where you connect with your spirit guides. It’s location is in the center of your forehead and the color is INDIGO, the element is ELECTRICITY,  the sense of THOUGHT is associated as well as the tone of OM (as in home) and the statement “I want to see and understand”. This is the seat of higher intuition and spiritual connection.

If your sixth chakra (also called the third eye chakra or Anja) is balanced and strong you will have strong ESP abilities, will not be connected to material things, may have no fear of death and will have a strong confidence and feel deeply connected with your True Self. If this chakra is out of alignment you may feel undisciplined, non-assertive, overly sensitive and afraid of success. In the event that you have excessive energy in your sixth chakra you will be an egomaniac, overly prideful, religiously dogmatic and manipulative.

If you are looking to balance and strengthen your sixth chakra try carrying fluorite or amethyst. If you are really looking to open your third eye any kind of affirming non-judgmental spiritual practice will help. Yoga, Qi Gong, Circle of Miracles, Drumming, Native American Circle, Shamanism or frequent guided meditation will all help create a spiritual practice. Before developing a strong sixth chakra you see through two warring eyes, your physical and your mental/emotional. Once your third eye opens you are able to focus as your spiritual eye bringing balance to your sight and a deep understanding through the mind, body, spirit connection.

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