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Be Water My Friend

Our bodies are up to 60% water and our planet is covered by 70% water so it is no surprise that since the beginning of time water has been a sacred source of healing for many people and cultures. Water is a central source of life and it is also the ultimate teacher. There is nothing else that is so powerful; fierce, gentle, forceful, healing, calming and transformative. Modeling yourself after water, becoming responsive to the ebb and flow of your life can be a great way to deal with the stresses of the modern world.

There are great lessons that can be learned from water. Strength can come loudly and with incredible speed like a tsunami. Strength is also born quietly with calm resolve like the patient dripping of erosion. Nothing is stagnant; our lives, our bodies and our spirit is ever shifting, changing and evolving just as water is constantly re-inventing itself from gas to liquid to solid. Remember that no matter what physical state the water resides in, at it’s core, it is always the same.

Every circumstance and challenge can be survived. Change is inevitable and should be welcomed. Allow yourself to flow naturally from one aspect of your existence to another just as water does. The harder you fight, the longer the struggle. You cannot prevent the evolution of your life, only prolong the pain of emerging from the chrysalis. You survive the circumstances of your life no matter the transformations that occur.


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