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Full Moon in Libra

Tonight is the full moon and as such this is an excellent day for reflecting on all that has been brought into your life over the past few weeks. Take stock in what you have achieved, learned and welcomed. Today is an excellent opportunity to give thanks for the blessing that have been brought into our lives.

It is also the beginning of the time of releasing and letting go that which no longer serves you. As you review all that has transpired over the last few weeks start to asses what may no longer be necessary for you to hold onto. As the moon begins to shed her weight over the next few weeks it is a time for you to focus on letting go of the excess emotions, behaviors, thoughts and beliefs that are cluttering up your life.

Take a good look at your life. What makes you feel fulfilled? What brings you joy? What do you feel is lacking? Now is the time to start releasing old habits that are holding you back. Assess, purge and let go allowing the full moon to take your burdens with her as she begins her retreats.

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