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It Must Be a Trick

I am amused to sometimes come across spirits that are disbelieving of what I can do. I have on more then one occasion been met with shock from an earthbound spirit when I initiate contact. Sometimes, they are so suspicious of me that I literally have to prove to them that I really am: a) aware of them b) able to speak with them and/or c) capable of ‘reading’ them and picking up information they may not necessarily want to share.

I had just such a case the other day during a reiki session. I was working with a new client, the treatment was just beginning when I became aware of a spirit. A male earthbound spirit was hovering in the corner saying things like “This is a bunch of nonsense. Your waisting your time. This is not going to do you any good.” I sent a greeting which he ignored. I asked him his name, picked up the letter P but he still ignored me. I could sense that he did not have any negative intentions towards my client, he felt like he was just trying to look out for his friend.

So, as I continue working I start refuting (specificly) what the spirit is saying. It took about 5 minutes when finally he looks at me suspiciously and says “Stop doing that! Your not really hearing me! It’s a trick!”. I looked at him directly and said “I am not going to stop doing anything. I am trying to help this person. I am bringing balance and relief to them and if you are not going to participate in their healing you should leave.”

He grumbled about how he was certain there was some kind of trick but also started to nervously shift farther away from me. He seemed very unnerved that my eyes were able follow him as he began to move around the room. This was all very amusing to me but I did have work to do. I firmly and lovingly sent him a beam of pure energy “If you want to help, you are welcome. I am happy to have your assistance and input in bringing your friend healing. I can also help you find your way home if you wish.” This totally freaked him out and he quickly vanished.

For the most part, the spirits (earthbound or not) are happy to find someone they can communicate with. Sometimes they even say things along the lines of “I’ve heard there were people like you but I never met one before, I thought the stories were just a fairy tale!”. I find the thought of spirits sitting around swapping ‘psychic’ stories hysterical. “Rumor has it there is one in the next county over. If your not nice she can make you leave, so be careful!”

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  1. 1 Ewelina says:

    Love stories like these! Keep ’em coming :)