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My Third Eye

As I have discussed in previous posts, the third eye is the chakra associated with psychic abilities and intuition. My third eye is very awake and active, so much so that I feel physical manifestations of it’s activities. Most times I feel like there is a small bug sitting on my forehead. When this first started to happen I was constantly swatting at my head trying to dislodge whatever was there.

Sometimes my third eye will get tired and the space between my eyes will get sore and it will feel like I have a sunburn. I often can actually feel it expand and throb as information comes to me. There are certain psychically charged crystals like Azurite that will create a very interesting sensation of pressure and numb pinching on my third eye when I rest a piece of it there.

There are times when I have worked particularly hard that I will lay down and have to shield my third eye chakra with my hand or a crystal. If I’m feeling particularly over worked I will put some lavender oil directly on it. And I often find myself rubbing the area to relieve some of the strange sensations that I feel.

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