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One of my Favorite Things

Crystals can be a really great tool for self development, protection, healing and balancing. Everyone enjoys a beautiful stone, the way they shine and sparkle. But crystals are also energetically powerful and can create healing in your body, mind and spirit.

There are hundreds of different kinds of crystals and thousands of individual variances in color, quality, vibration and energy. Some are better at grounding, some are better at helping you connect with the angelic realm, some make great tinctures to bring a relief of ailments while others have been used to draw luck for millenia.

a small portion of my crystal collection

People often ask me how to pick out the best crystal and in most cases what ever stone calls to you is the best one for you to have. In general if you are looking for a simple, across the board all purpose crystal I would recommend Quartz. Most people with intuitive or psychic abilities will find themselves drawn to Amethyst for it’s strong protective nature. But if you find a specific crystal calling to you I would recommend buying it and then researching why you might need it.

There are some great resources if you are interested in learning more about crystals, my recommendation would be to pick up the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. This reference has great information on understanding the different types of crystals, how to care for them and use them effectively. The place I buy most of my crystals from is Earthspeak, they have a great selection and their staff is friendly and knowledgable.

One Response to “One of my Favorite Things”

  1. 1 Noelle says:

    Love, love love stones!! I have always been a stone collector even when I was little and I didn’t even know the meanings/powers they held.