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Sitting Bull

Of all my spirit guides the one I find the most interesting is Sitting Bull. He started to present himself to me last summer, a quite Native American man who appears to be somewhere between 50 years old and ageless. He was reluctant to give me his name at first so I would refer to him as Grandfather. I was blessed in September to receive a ‘spirt card’ (pictured below) from renowned Spiritualist Hoyt Robinette who also let me know Sitting Bulls names.

Sitting Bull has a strong connection to the earth, the animals and nature. He is usually the one that shows me peoples spirit animals and the correlation between what is happening in the environment and what is happening within us. Often he will bring to my attention the beauty of the world around me as well as the significance of different animal behavior. He also, interestingly enough, will present himself to me dressed as a woman named Sugar Lump.

He has a quirky sense of humor and seems to like to play with the expectations of male and female. When he comes to me as a Sugar Lump there is an underlying quiet mirth that emanates from him. He is never serious when he is gender-bending but it isn’t a silly or ridiculous humor. More of a subtle nudge to remind me that our bodies are just a vehicle, just a costume that we wear while playing out our destiny and not to get too wrapped up in the current identity.

When I am outside enjoying the breeze on a warm summer day, Sitting Bull is with me. He is a calming, quite, serene presence. He is my connection to the earth, to the animals and to my environment. Sitting Bull is my medicine man, a great Shaman and a dear friend. And while he appears very noble in the spirit card he also looks so pretty with flowers in his hair!

spirit card of Sitting Bull

4 Responses to “Sitting Bull”

  1. 1 Jane Shea says:


    Back in 2005 I was fortunate enough to meet Hoyt Robinette and receive a spirit card from him. One of the spirit guides listed on my card is Sugar Lump. Just this passed Saturday I was describing the whole Spirit Card event to my brother and he was on the internet researching my spirit guides; however, I was the lucky one to find your website and learn more about my spirit guide. So is Sugar Lump really Sitting Bull?

  2. 2 Serafice says:

    Very interesting question Jane! What I am hearing is that No, they are not the same. Sitting Bull uses the name Sugar Lump as a kind of tribute. Similar to Elvis impersonators, it’s kind of an homage and a little tongue in cheek but they are not the same spirit . What I a picking up from your Sugar Lump is more of a Fairy energy instead of a Native American energy. It is possible for 2 people to share the same Spirit Guide but that is not the case here.

  3. 3 Jane Shea says:

    Hi Serafice I got your email (very excited to hear back from you). Thank you for the detailed explanation. I greatly appreciate it. Another Spirit Guide revealed to me goes by the name of Rattling Bear. Would you happen to know anything about this spirit guide…just asking since you have been extremely helpful with my spirit guide Sugar Lump…I love the fairy energy part btw. Thank you again! Have a great day!

  4. 4 Serafice says:

    The feelings I get from Rattling Bear are very much of a battle scarred native warrior. Not a young man, a seasoned fighter who is more then capable of handling any situation or fight. I see him with long loose flowing black hair and I think he may have a scar on his face. I get the impression he is bare chested, wearing buckskin pants with moccasins and he might be carrying something over his shoulder. There seems to be some kind of strap across his chest. His demeanor is calm, intense and alert. He is a protector spirit more then a guide. If your in a situation where you feel like you need some strength, he is the one to call on.