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Things ARE Changing

I found a blog posting that I think speaks volumes of the changes that are occurring all around us as our world shifts into the Age of Aquarius. The post is written by a conservative republican who has spent the last few years aggressively fighting the homosexual community and their human right to marry. He has now had a change of heart and wrote about his transformation and shift in consciousness.

My heart feels so full of hope and joy as I read his words. He and I still disagree on many political and religious points but I have to acknowledge his courage. Imagine the struggle that he has had to go through in the process of coming to this point. First he had to to take a harsh look at his own poor judgements and beliefs and come to the realization of how wrong he was. Then he not only admitted his error to himself and his closest friends and family, but he then openly and publicly declared his stance.

I honor you Louis J. Marinelli and I am so proud of you. Thank you for your courage, your honesty and your respect. There is hope. Things ARE changing. Miracles happen everyday!

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