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Time for Spiritual Development

I worked a small tarot party over the weekend with great success, thanks ladies! I’ve been noticing lately a re-curring theme in a lot of the readings I am giving is one of personal spiritual development. It seems many of us are being called to explore our connection with the divine and further our spiritual practice.

Again and again I am getting cards that indicate that a move towards spirit is of upmost importance. Wether this is achieved through prayer, meditation, seminars & workshops or through seeking guidance from a teacher is a personal choice. But for too long we have focused on the physical world, on achieving and succeeding and surviving the daily grind.

The time has come to find fulfillment of a different kind. Connect with Spirit, Source, the Creator, God; whatever you choose to call the divine being that graces your life. It’s time to strengthen that connection and develop your spiritual practice. There is not one path to God and so there are many ways to achieve a closer connection to Spirit.

I would encourage you to pray, to attend trance dance, to expand your yogic practice and to find a community of like minded people to bond with. There are a number of incredibly wonderful books, interesting documentaries and websites that you can seek out but I would really encourage you to maintain the human connection as well. It’s important to seek out people that you can share those ideas, rituals and practices with. The cards say now is the time to focus on your spiritual self and this includes maintaining community.

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