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Love is in the Air

The energies of this time of year are encouraging love and relationship development. The last several Tarot readings I have done have indicated a strong emphasis on pursuing new love or attending to current romantic relationships. Spring brings about an awakening of the senses and encourages us to pair and celebrate the rebirth of the earth.

I have embarked on my own search for love. This road is a little tricky for me to traverse. In addition to all the normal pitfalls of dating, with me you get a whole new batch of issues surrounding my gifts. I have found it best to be a bit vague about what I do and to not be open with my abilities right away. I think first dates are nerve wracking enough, there is no need to add any more reason for there to not be a second one!

First of all, being energy sensitive adds a new layer to dinner with a potential love interest.  I can’t very well say “Sorry I don’t appear to be enjoying myself, the Chef is mad at his wife and his negative energy is infusing my dinner and making my stomach upset.” without the guy quickly ending the date and dumping me in the ‘crazy’ pile.

And can you imagine the response if I told a man that I have just met “By the way, your late Grandmother says I am very pretty and she approves!” Not exactly the best way to start out a first date. So I am selective in what I tell potential suitors about what I do and what I know and who might be lurking nearby while we dine.



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