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Signs and Symptoms you might be Haunted

There are a few signs and symptoms you can look for that can help identify if you have a ghost hanging around you or your property. As energetic being (who happen to be inhabiting physical forms) we are effected by other energetic being that we come in contact with. Sometimes the effect is pleasant and sometimes not so much. If you have 3 or more of the following, you likely have someone hanging about:


  • unexplainable nausea or stomach upset that may worsen in certain areas of your home
  • a sense that you are being watched when you are alone
  • frequent headaches especially if they seem tied to being in your home or the effected area
  • tiredness or energy drainage without explanation
  • irritability or crankiness
  • finding yourself using phrases or words that you normally wouldn’t
  • lingering scents that have no physical correlation
  • dramatic shifts in mood seemingly tied to certain locations
  • frequent dizziness or feelings of instability
  • any paranormal activity


If you think you might be haunted or have a spirit lingering around you, seek the intervention of a Medium or another paranormal practitioner to help. Keep in mind that the spirits are rarely trying to have a negative impact on you and there is never a reason to be fearful. There is reason to find resolution though, they have better places to be and you don’t deserve to have your life so negatively effected. If you have any questions or suspect that you might be haunted, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

4 Responses to “Signs and Symptoms you might be Haunted”

  1. 1 Geraldine Sanchez says:

    I have been looking up signs that my house or that I may be haunted. I was looking over list and I have almost all of those. I have about 8 on that list. I live far from you but I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I’m haunted but things happen that I can’t explain. It’s just all to weird. What do I do?

  2. 2 Serafice says:

    There are some techniques that you can use on your own to try to clear the space. Burning sage is a great way to ground the energy. If there is a room that feels particularly ‘off’ place a 1/4 cup of Himalayan Crystal Salt (or sea salt) in a dish for a few days. Make sure you flush the salt down the toilet when you are done as it will absorb negative energy. Crystals can also really help create a calm environment as they will effect the energy of the space they inhabit. I would recommend selenite since it doesn’t require a lot of cleaning itself but does a great job at transmuting negative energies.

  3. 3 holly says:

    I need help… I’m 17 and I think I’m haunted. It’s not a certain place or area things happen anymore, it follows me now… I see dark shadows standing or walking by doorways, demonic looking faces when I shut my eyes like rotting faces made of maggots, peircing dark red eyes. At night if I’m in total darkness the room seems to be a whirlpool of air. It sounds as if there are things running extremely fast around the room but as soon as a lights turned on, its gone and nothing is out of place. I get severely painful headaches that only last a couple seconds, I can barely sleep anymore even though I’m always so drained. I get 7 hours at the most, 2 at the least whether I try to sleep long or not. I just wake up, and when I do sleep, its mostly nightmares… I really need advice on what to do. My mom is just now starting to believe the things I’ve been telling her, because things are escalating where she’s experiencing a tiny bit every now and then of what I’ve been seeing and hearing. What can I do to make it stop??

  4. 4 Serafice says:

    You are doing exactly what you should be doing, searching for someone with experience in the field and getting the support of your family. Feeling alone and like no one can help makes the situations worse and can empower the spirits. Find solace in the things that make you feel strong (like church, crystals, reiki, art, meditation, yoga, prayer or whatever it is that makes you feel powerful) and seek assistance. It’s critical that you understand you are only unable to deal with the situation because you have not been taught how to, not because you are incapable of making it stop. These kinds of hauntings can be very scary and easily get out of hand but they are not unresolvable. You are not alone and I can most certainly help you.