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Timing is everything

I cannot tell you how many times in a day I pick up my phone thinking I hear it ringing only to have it actually ring a few minutes later. This happens with text message alerts, phone calls and more recently I have found myself aware of when I get an email. Or  more specifically, when I am about to get an email.


I used to find it frustrating, hurrying to answer the phone and finding no one there then walking away only to have it ring a few minutes later. It can get a little tedious. But now I simply keep my phone nearby when I think I hear it ‘ringing’ so that I can easily grab it when it does.


I usually will have no idea who precisely is on the phone (or sent the message) but will generally be able to tell if it’s a personal call or business related. Interestingly, I have on a few occasions recently ‘seen’ a text message (both who it is from and the content) before actually reading it.

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