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Don’t Hide Your Wings

I had an interesting dream in the early morning hours today. Most of the details were unimportant but I did come away with an powerful message. In the dream I was looking after a young girl named Penny. She was about 9 or 10, very tan with long sun kissed honey blonde hair. She had an air a wild child, dancing about the space we were in full of energy but not hyper. Just very intense, exuding this feeling of freedom and movement.

Where we were was very bright, white walls and brilliant sun streaming in huge windows with billowing white curtains. I was pacing quietly marking time while watching Penny bustling to and fro. I wasn’t anxious or worried, just aware that I was patiently waiting for something important. As she passed near me I noticed blood on her back and stopped her to take a closer look. There seemed to be something poking out from the skin of her back, under her shoulder blades and I gently pulled at it. I was startled to realize that I had pulled a feather out from under her skin. A second one poked out and I pulled that one too as she winced in discomfort.

I realized what they were and chided Penny gently saying “Sweetie, you’re supposed to wear your wings on the outside! Don’t hide them, you will just get hurt!”. She giggled making a ‘silly me’ gesture and shook herself until her wings popped out. Then, she went back to dancing around keeping her self busy while we waited, her wings full and beautiful as they rustled softly at her back.

Don’t hide your wings. Don’t hide your gifts. Don’t pretend to be less then you are. Don’t diminish yourself. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. You will only hurt yourself if you deny your true self. 

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