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First Paranormal Investigation, check!

I was honored to be invited to participate in a paranormal investigation by the Paranormal Research Society of Philadelphia this past weekend. The building we visited has stood since the 18th century and houses some military memorabilia from various wars so there has been significant paranormal activity reported at the premises. So much so that the location was featured on a popular ghost hunting tv show and has hosted various amature paranormal investigations.

The experience was an interesting one for me though a little frustrating. I had hoped to act as a conduit for communication between the living investigators and the dead inhabitants but I found that the spirits that lingered in the building were reluctant to speak to me. I think since I have successfully cleared so many locations there was a fear on their part that I would make them leave involuntarily. My hope is that if I can get a few more investigations under my belt the word will get out that I am not looking to force anyone to leave.

I did experience all the telltale symptoms of being in a haunted house. The back of my head (where my third eye chakra lays) was tingling and felt ‘wide open’. I began to get impressions of some of the spirits a few days ahead of time and once I arrived at the location I could sense the spirits moving about the building and did receive more information about them. Even when they won’t communicate with me directly I can still get a sense of male or female, old or young, tall or short and sometimes even some details about the era they lived or other interesting tidbits. I also received a series of intense visions while sitting in meditation on the second floor that were the most significant of all the experiences, and the most draining.

We started off on the third floor which has been used as an office and was once a small apartment. The back of my head started tingling right away and there was a sense that a large dark male presence usually lingers in the hallway. There have been many sightings of this figure over the years and he seems to loom about the hall and stairway menacing those that come through. I also had the strong sensation that a male figure was hanging out by the second floor fireplace peeking up at us on the third floor. The small room to one side had the feel of a young male with lung issues who had spent most of his life sick. Tuberculosis was what came to mind and the clammy feel of a fever.

When we ventured into the second floor I was frustrated to feel the presence that had been lingering by the fireplace scoot over to the other side of the building away from where we were. But, while wandering around I did get the impression of an amputee from the houses early history who had died after losing a significant portion of his left arm and shoulder. I had the sense that he and some other wounded soldiers were being tended to out on the lawn when he died and that he had then wandered into the house seeking some sense of comfort.

When we spent some time by the first floor fireplace I was able to pick up a woman who had been a cook at the property. She had a bustling energy, moving about the ‘kitchen’ quickly preparing a meal while she sang softly to herself. She wore a long skirt and apron with her hair tied up with a scarf and I had the impression that she sang in some foreign language, possibly German. I also interestingly enough felt a dull pain on the right side of my head that intensified the closer I got to the fireplace and seemed to dissipate as I stepped back.

Overall, for me it was an interesting experience. Usually when I interact with the dead they are seeking communication with a loved one or a homeowner is seeking to have their uninvited guests leave. This was the first time that I was looking to merely interact with ghosts for the sole purpose of adding to the experience of an investigation. I am very much looking forward to future adventures and hope that the spirits will realize I am not a threat and interact with me more.


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    What a great comment on the investigation. Hope to see you at more…
    Your website is awesome…..

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