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I Love You Daddy-O

When I was a little girl my father used to tell me stories about the beginning of the universe, he claims he wasn’t there but that he was told about the experience from someone who was who he trusts implicitly and who gave him a great deal of detail. He would encourage me to not be afraid of the mean old troll that would taunt me, he thought I should try to talk to the smelly beast and find out why he was so grumpy instead of running away scared.


Dad would always assure me that my fear of frogs must be related to a past-life trauma and he speculated that I was a great and powerful fairy warrior in a former incarnation who was cruelly killed by a toad in some fierce battle. And I don’t think a visit went by that he didn’t warn me repeatedly and with great force about the deadly potential in tomatoes. Heaven forbid I tried to have a BLT in his presence, he would spend the entire meal glaring suspiciously at my sandwich.


My father has always been a magical presence in my life, he is a great story teller and weaver of tales. He would never win any Father of the Year awards as he wasn’t there for any of my recitals or my graduation, he usually forgot my birthday and I tended to get Christmas gifts in January. But what he did give to me is a love of the surreal, a keen eye for the sublime and an infusion of the mystical into the core of my being and magic into every aspect of my life.


My father was and is the best father that he can be and I know he loves me infinitely. I am grateful for his presence in my life and blessed for the influence that he has had on who I am. I honor you Dad, I love you and I am very proud to be your daughter

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  1. 1 Eduardo says:

    If it weren’t for Dave Miller, I wouldn’t have a dad My boaioglcil father split when I was just a baby. I’ve never known him. My mother remarried and this man has been my dad ever since.He has emotionally supported me, morally supported me, and financially supported me. He instilled hard work and ethics in me at a very young age. He also taught me the importance of school. Once I turned 18, I was forced by law to use my boaioglcil father’s last name but he will never be my dad. As I graduate with my first college degree next Friday, I have hyphened my last name on my diploma to show my dad that it was HIM that taught me that hard work and determination will pay off.I remind him every father’s day that it takes a true man to raise another man’s child as his own. And THAT is my favorite memory of my dad.