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Moon Reflections

Today is the New Moon and I am posting the interpretations of the energy of this moon by my friend Eagle Skyfire who is a Native American Shaman. She reads the Dreamspell which is an interpretation of the sacred Mayan calendar and of the Chippewa-Ojibway (A Northern tribe).

This Moon is known as the Midsummer Moon in the Southern tribes and the Strong Sun Moon in the Northern tribes. It starts on June 1st and ends on June 30th.

In the North this Strong Sun Moon encourages us to open our Hearts and really connect and interact with family, friends and our community. The color of this Moon is pink which reminds us to learn about how to express love of self and others in a Balanced way. Pink is said to be the color Great Spirit gave us to represent unconditional love and true healing of the Heart.

The flicker bird is the totem of this Moon. This bird has the qualities of strong self expression, perseverance and intense focus. The red on the birds head speaks of passion and the yellow overtones of its wings speaks of accelerated growth that gains momentum. However use temperance for this bird was also a symbol of war in the old times. Let not your blind passions or over enthusiasm over an idea or project cause you to become “hot” or get into stressful situations that can be easily avoided. Rather the yellow of its wings speaks of using the innocent “eyes of a child” to share both ideas and activities. Invite others to “play” with you as you share your creativity whether it’s at work or a hobby you enjoy like dancing, running or writing.

The stone of this Moon is the carnelian agate. This stone is a warming stone that activates the sacral chakra. It also reminds us that it is o.k. to open your heart but that it is also appropriate to set boundaries. It enhances connecting with the All and helps you with how to handle changes going on in your life.

The plant for this Moon is the wild rose. As its name implies this plant is about taking calculated risks (walking a little on the “wild” side) but always looking through the eyes of Love and considering the greater impact of the changes you make. The smell of a wild rose is sweet and they are beautiful. The wild rose teaches us to blossom by bringing beauty, sweetness and new experiences into our lives everyday in a mindful way. The thorns of the rose again say that it is o.k. to set boundaries and to take time for yourself. Temperance and active creativity with an open mind and heart is key to growing in a good way in this Moon.

In the South this Midsummer Moon not only describes what the energy will be for this 28 day cycle but of the entire season of Summer itself. This season has the potential to bring necessary and profound changes in your life and encourages us to participate in those changes. Just like the Summer storms that come through, change can be scary but a greater good is always possible if you focus on your visions and persevere in co-creating a better life through the trying times.

Remember no matter how hard some situations may seem, this too will pass and a brighter day always comes. Go within yourself during not only times of challenge but also for inspiration for creativity by relaxing and remembering to breathe. Reach out and connect with the Breath of the Great Spirit for in this way you will touch the All and begin to attract what you need to thrive. Only by going into this quiet place can you hear the messages you need in order to guide yourself in a good way. Use your discernment, intuition and wisdom to consider whether it is appropriate to take on a new project or a new relationship. Be open to new ideas that others present to you. Remember that the Great Spirit has gifted you with free will.

With the Power of your thoughts, words and actions you have the god-like power to forge your life and impact strongly all whom you meet. Use your free will with great mindfulness and compassion for both yourself and others. This season invites you to forge your destiny with the greater picture in mind. This Summer you will find opportunities to “see and be seen”. Align yourself with people whose actions show that they understand and uphold what a healthy family and a strong community are about. The people that you invite to participate with you should be those that conduct themselves with honor and have high ideals but yet are down-to-earth.

This Summer will bring irresistible changes that will challenge you to be active in the manifestations that you create. If embraced, the foundations for a better life free of stagnation and full of  VITALITY and blessings will come to you.

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