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New Moon & Eclipse

This Friday July 1, 2011 is going to be a great opportunity for creating change in your life due to it being a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse. The energies are going to be strong and the day will be a good one for self reflection, discovery and setting intentions for change. The Solar Eclipse will help you focus and regroup while creating a strong support for shifting perspective, releasing emotional attachments and gaining momentum.

Try to set aside some time this Friday to take stock of your life and your current situations, make assessments of what is working and what needs to change. It is important to determine what in your life brings you delight and what is creating sadness, despair, anger or hurt. Take this opportunity to initiate change and to figure out new ways of approaching old problems.

You may find yourself resistant to the energies depending on your personality type and energetic resonance. If you find yourself having a particularly difficult time on Friday try to remember to focus on being flexible and allowing for the shifting energies to release that which no longer serves you. Spend some time outside with your bare feet in the grass or take a salt bath to bring grounding.

Jasper, Larimar or Rose Quartz are good crystals to keep on you and you may wish to sage yourself early in the day. Relax, breath and go with the flow. You may feel uncertain and it can be a little scary but we are moving into better times. Remember that, things are getting better and it will be easier if you don’t fight the shifting energies but instead ride the waves to a better day.

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