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Tarot at Lansdale Day

Lansdale Day 2011 was a great success and such a beautiful day! There was a brief storm that dropped some rain on us at one point but over all the weather was stupendous. There were so many great vendors and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I read Tarot Cards and (naturally) came across a theme. At this event the card that was repeatedly pulled was Death.

The Death card is not as scary as it sounds. This actually represents Change or Transformation and rarely is a representation of physical death. Usually this card is an indication of change in some dynamic of your life wether it’s a change in employment, marital status or sometimes a actual physical move. Yesterday’s readings all focused on Personal Transformation and a shifting of consciousness.

This seems to be a general theme for many these days. Unfortunately, change is often painful and uncomfortable. If you find yourself in the flux of a transformation, remember that change is the essential building block for growth and development and the discomfort will pass. You may also be comforted to know that you are not alone, many are experiencing great changes in this Age of the Aquarius as we move closer to 2012.

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