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Harvest Moon

In the wee hours of the morning on Monday we will welcome the Full Moon into Pisces. As the sun is in Virgo this brings about a time for making your dreams come true. Realistic Virgo asks us to balance and bring together our body, mind and spirit in a practical manner. Gentle Pisces insists that we open our hearts and spirit to Divine creativity.


The Sun shines its light on Virgo issues; health, work, nutrition, volunteer work and the environment. We are asked to question our sense of identity and strengthen our sense of community. This is the time of harvest, of completion and abundance. Virgo energy is action, success and completion.

Pisces focuses on our common longing for creativity and inner search for understanding. It is the sign of the dreamer, fantasy and the imagination. We are encouraged to create, inspire and appreciate beauty. The desire to integrate spirit into our daily lives becomes strong and compelling. Pisces energy is all about creativity, beauty and making a lasting connection with the Divine.


So we have the action of Virgo combining with the imagination of Pisces which means that now is the time to make your dreams a reality. Take some time today to focus on your inner longings and let the energies of this full moon help you to find how you can bring these inspirations into reality. As these energies mingle and join it is encouraging us to recognize that we can achieve anything we can dream. How are you endeavoring to change yourself and our world for the better? Dream big!

One Response to “Harvest Moon”

  1. 1 Denise says:

    Funny, my brother is a virgo all this is true of him. I repecst and admires virgo’s work ethic and drive. a0We share this: Goal-oriented and disciplined. I get u guys! You are meticulous and reliable. Intelligent and analytical hence this a0analysis from you Kup! a0On the dark side my brother (not u ha ha) can be overcritical and straight up just harsh to those who appears uncertain.a0a0My bro reverences my quiet strength and dedication, while I appreciate his ability to adapt to any given situation. Much repecst Luv for virgos.a0