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Merry Mabon

Tomorrow Friday September 23rd is the Fall Equinox also celebrated as Mabon. This is one of two days during the year when the day consists of equal parts light and darkness. It is associated with the end of harvest, the giving of gratitude and acknowledgement of our blessings.

Balance is such a crucial part of living your life in a healthy manner. Making sure you have enough time for play as well as work, spending time with your friends and family as well as on yourself, focusing on exercising and eating right as well as luxuriating in indulgence. Now is an excellent time to review where you are in your life and how you might make changes to ensure you are living in balance. Are you sleeping enough? Are you laughing enough? Are you spending time with family & friends as well as working on yourself?

This is a great time for a gratitude journal. Take the next few days to journal about the things in your life that you are grateful for. Set aside time at the end of each day to chronicle at least 28 things that you are grateful for. They can be physical blessings such as your health, beauty, great hair cut or energy level. You can list environmental blessings like your home, your job or the chance to go back to school. You could list the emotional blessings of feeling happy, connected with certain people or being in love. And also take note of spiritual blessings such as seeing the Law of Attraction at work in your life or feeling a deep connection to Mother Earth.

Whatever you are grateful for, write it down and spend some time reflecting on how these things bring balance and wellbeing into your life. The next few days are all about looking at the past and present and seeing where you are so that come the New Moon next week you can start to examine where you want to go.


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