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New Moon in Libra

Today, Tuesday September 27th, we welcome the New Moon into Libra which brings balance, an ability to look at the bigger picture and an opportunity to re-balance by manifesting into our lives that which is lacking. This is the time for planning, looking forward and determining where it is you want your path to take you. How can you achieve your goals? What is it that you want to bring into your life? The Libra energy will support us in creating balance in our our lives and more specifically in our relationships.

A very important Libra ‘lesson’ involves learning to make peace with those around us and with our environment. The energy is very supportive in helping us establish a sense of order and balance in our lives as well as encouraging us to see the value of partnerships. Libra is about love and the synthesizing of opposites. Find peace and harmony, find balance, shift your perspective to appreciate the relationships that are in your life and see how they support you and your goals.

Remember, you don’t have the ability to change the way another being acts, you only have the ability to change the way you choose to react. Be flexible and find the ways to shift your perspective to appreciate the relationships in your life even when they appear unfulfilling. Sometimes, the thing that we need (that which we hope to bring into our life) is already present, it’s just disguised as a challenge. Re-balance by shifting your view of your life and the people in it and you might just find you have everything you need.



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