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Wet Enough For You?

For the past month or so I have been stalked by a mermaid. I can feel her near, smell the sea scent lingering in the air and barely sense her moving around just out of my natural sight. I have tried to encourage her to approach me, talk to or interact with me in some way but she has been elusive. I am not sure what she wants, she seems curious and benign and I am hopeful at some point she will make her intentions clear.

Mermaids have long been seen as seductive temptresses and holders of secrets. Wild, untamed, free spirits of creativity, seduction, oracles; traditional keepers of the old Goddess energy. I can’t help but think that her presence is somehow connected to the continued shifts that I am experiencing in my gifts and in my being. And of course with all the rain we have had a friendly Undine may be just what I need!


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