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Fear Not

Fear is the destroyer. Fear is the least productive emotion and should be avoided at all costs. Fear is silly. Fear is the thing that prevents most people from being happy. Fear is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. There is no such thing as ‘healthy fear’ and you should never succumb. Fight fear. Fear nothing.

Respecting danger is necessary and important, we all should have an understanding of and respect for the things that can cause us harm. No playing in traffic, eating month old sea food or hanging out in dark alleys please. But not fear, never fear. Fear paralyzes and prevents rational thought as well as emotional connection. Fear doesn’t keep us safe, it stops us from growing.

Battle the demon fear as much as you can. Stand up to the bully fear whenever possible. Embrace that which creates fear in your life. If you find yourself afraid to do something, DO IT! If your scared of something, LOOK AT IT! If you feel fear rising within you, UNDERSTAND IT! Don’t turn away or cower. Look it in the eye and say I WILL NOT BACK DOWN! Use the negative to create positive forward motion in your life. Welcome that which you fear with open arms and allow the experience to do what it is meant to do, move you forward!

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