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Full Moon in Aries

Tuesday night is the Full Moon which is called the Harvest Moon by some and Ancestors Moon by others. Some focus on the accomplishments of having fulfilled the obligation of providing for the winter while others look towards the importance of honoring and acknowledging the spiritual into our daily lives. We are coming into the time when the veil between our physical plane and the shadow realm is at it’s thinest are we are more able to bridge these two worlds.

The energies of this full moon encourage emotional discovery, awareness and release. We are asked to asses our innermost feelings, come into an understanding of how our inner turmoil effects our outer lives and release the feelings that are negatively effecting us. We must strike a balance between our personal needs and the needs of our loved ones, between independence and companionability, between physical desire and emotional needs.

Over the next few days be mindful of your temper, you may find yourself quicker to anger. If you find your emotions stirring up be sure to take a few moments to breath, assess and make sure your not over reacting. And if you find others in your life reacting strongly remember that this Full Moon is influence by fiery Aries and many are going to lack the emotional awareness to control their outbursts. Just try to not take things personally, keep your focus on maintaining your own equilibrium and allowing for the emotional releases in as responsible a manner as you can.


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