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New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio rises today October 26th 2011 just before 4pm EDT. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. This is a time for new projects, taking action, making changes and allowing our inner desires to be awakened as we follow our instincts for rebirth. We are encouraged to review our life from a different perspective and decide if we wish to continue on the same path or choose a new way.

This New Moon rises in Scorpio highlighting passion, resourcefulness and a desire to dig deeper into our inner hearts with self-mastery. The less positive characteristics of Scorpio are vindictiveness, jealousy and being manipulative. Being aware is the best way to diffuse the less then desirable attributes and focus on those you wish to harness in your life.

Now is a great time to get to the bottom of matters and discover the areas of your life where you wish to exert more control. The Scorpio energy can help you free yourself from emotional distress, addictions and other destructive behaviors. Listen to the subtle messages from your heart and understand what motivates you. We are encouraged to tap into our feelings of intimacy, passion and may feel impelled to deepen our relationships.

Scorpio asks us to focus on quality over quantity. It is a great time to target a specific project or relationship and focus all your energy on understanding how you can enhance it. Practice allowing the energies of this New Moon to lighten your heart and release you from heavy burdens while coming to a greater understanding of your inner motivations. Rejoice in passion and verve. Live your life with intent and fierceness. Revel in the Scorpio New Moon!

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