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What a Wonderful Wooded World

For me the forest is such a magical place. I always feel like I am coming home as I step into any wooded area. When I was a girl I would spend hours sitting under some tree staring off into the distance. It was always assumed that I was in some fantasy but in actuality I was in a kind of meditation.

The woods have an energy that is welcoming and calming to me. I am able to immerse myself in it like a soothing bath for my soul. I feel a close connection to the earth and the faerie folk that I alway find when I am in nature.

There is nothing I like more then taking a walk though the dappled sunlight, listening to the sounds of the forest creatures as they scamper about and feeling the peace of being in the woods. I love the muffled sense of expectation, it always seems like something is just about to happen.

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